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“Great place to visit. Project cars for sale on the lot & a fantastic collection in the museum. Thanks Peggy & Bill.”
James F, Scottsdale, AZ
June 2019

A must see for car buffs of all ages
“Parking lot filled with the old classics. Collection inside of museum is massive with cars, toys, memorabilia of all sorts of things from years past. Enjoyable.”
Wanetadrift, Dundee, NY
August 2018

“Great place to stop in and check out old cars . The guy that owns the place will chat with you about the vehicles he built, and tells you his stories which makes this place awesome. Great cars and great stories!”
jasonwa1976, Avondale, AZ
May 2018

“Years of planning went into this attraction,a must see for the auto enthusiast,kids will like it to,if it was auto oriented,you will probably find it here,allow about 3 hours to REALLY SEE everything,planned out and exhibited very well,real friendly people behind the counter,VERY reasonable fee,take all the photos u want!! we really enjoyed it!!”
GALAXY67, Cuyahoga Falls
August 2017

Old Cars Inside and Out
“Small admission charge of $5 get you a view of Bills collection of cars and more he has restored. These are not all perfect condition restorations but they are really nice.

Some cars outside you can buy if you’re in the mood for a few years of work.”
closch7, Galena, OH
September 2016

“Very nice place lots of stuff to look at well worth the money. Owners rebuilt and restored the vehicles. Just a short distance from Rapid City.”
Matt W
August 2016

Fantastic Stop!
“Throughly enjoyed this U-turn! Well worth the $5 to walk around and enjoy a step back in time. Really appreciated how on a lot of the items they told a quick story about how, where, when they acquired it. Actually saw a few pieces not seen at other museum.”
August 2016

“Car lovers already know that the world is a car show. Every building with cars inside is then by definition, a car museum. However, this unique stop is the collection of a guy who loves cars and car memorabilia whose wife mans the place. She will tell you stories about the cars. He will tell stories about restoring the cars. You might not be able to find a nicer couple. Even if you cannot convince a recalcitrant wife to darken the door of yet another car museum, stop to peruse the not-yet-restored selection out front waiting to be fumigated and restored to their former luster. So many things to enjoy no matter your perspective. And great folk to help you get more from your stop.”
174lr, Wattsburg
July 2016

Very cool museum
“Stopped by first thing one morning when it was raining. Not a big car buff, but this place has a lot of really cool old cars. The owner has spent a lifetime of restoring these vehicles. He has true passion for the cars, and it really shows. All kinds of other antique memorabilia, including signs, toys, automotive parts, and much more. Cheap admission price, very much worth stopping in to see a different side of history than normal.”
Mike O, Orangeburg, SC
June 2015

If you are looking for something to do
“For a private collection, this place is impressive. Lots of extra stuff too (visible pumps, peddle cars, etc). If you are expecting to see hundreds of cars, then you will be disappointed, but for the price ($5) it was worth a stop.”
Sara P
June 2015

A hidden gem on the way to Mt. Rushmore & Custer Park
“If you like antique classic American cars, or even just American memorabilia from a bygone era, then stop at this family-owned classic car museum. After doing some research, I knew that I wanted to pay this place a visit. When we turned into the parking lot, my friends were a bit skeptical. Out front, there are rows of old, non-restored cars. Walk inside the building, though, and for $5 you will be able to see some of the most rare, and most beautifully restored, American classics sparkled with other American nostalgia. Plus, the owners are typical South Dakota nice — warm and welcoming. For me, this was a highlight and a place I highly recommend visiting when you are in Rapid City.”
rlmiller28, Alexandria, VA
August 2013

Wheely, Wheely great
“Simply put, if you’re into old American cars or motorbikes, or even automobilia, this place has to be on your list to visit. Being a privately owned museum I’ll be honest that my expectations were pretty low. I was very pleased to be proved otherwise. We were greeted very warmly by the owners upon arrival and once inside you soon realise that the place is huge! I have to admit I’m not a massive fan of motorbikes so I was more interested in the 4-wheeled exhibits, of which there were plenty. All lovingly restored and in glorious cherry reds, bright blues, sparkling yellows and gaudy pinks. I was like a kid in a candy factory, I even had to break out another SD card for the camera. What’s more, in addition to all the awesome exhibits inside that are fully restored, (oh yeah, check out the crazy aeroplane car), outside the lot is crammed with vehicles awaiting auction and restoration. I didn’t know which way to turn or what to photo next. Can’t recommend this place highly enough.”
135PaulM, Scarborough
September 2012

Great memories!
“From the outside, it doesn’t look like it would hold that much “stuff” but once you step inside the door and pay the very minimal fee to go through at your own pace, it was awesome! We spent over two hours in there, remembering the things we saw from when we were growing up along with seeing so many things from before my time. Very interesting, very informative and very much worth stopping to see!”
Kim Z, Keystone, SD
October 2012

old car and bike fans must visit
“a visit to motion unlimited museum is a must if you are in rapid city . the owners are very friendly and helpful . they are also very knowledgeable about the cars and bikes . the museum is very easy to find on highway 79 south of rapid city”
Paul Norwich

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“Fun to see all the old cars”
Gretchen Garbett

“Great museum full of cool cars from the past! Nice couple we chatted with and a very low admittance fee of $5. Fun to take a step back in time. Highly recommend!”
John Slater

“They were absolutely friendly, there are many vehicles and collectibles for sale if you are interested. If you like cars and car memorabilia you won’t be disappointed.”

“A must see place if your into classic cars, the owners are great and so nice and lots to see.”
David Lopez

“Nice collection of cars restored by the owner. $5 or so to get in and see some great vehicles. This is a quick, fun and worthwhile stop for any automotive fan.”
Alex Neville

“Lots of old cars some of which you can buy but the ones that can be bought are outside”
mcfluffy junior

“Super cool place! When you first drive in you see a lot of old cars siting in the yard anywhere from Pontiacs, Fords, Chevys, and many others from the 40s-70s. When you walk in it costs about $5 to looks around I believe to look around at the cars. There are so many beautiful cars inside that small place. I’ll post pictures of some of them. There’s also a lot of Americana with signs, oil cans, license plates, and so much more. If you’re a car nut like I am, its worth a visit!”
Landon Nelson

“My husband is the antique car buff!”
Leana Long

“So many cool cars”
carol mcbee

“Drove past the place”
Leland Douglas

“Very interesting”
x 800

“Vintage car, interesting”
Leonardo Lucido

Dietmar Ulrich

Tifany Turner

nick best

Jean-Claude Nattaf

james gilkey

Cat Fitzgerald

Cat Fitzgerald

Ed Randazzo