Our Museum: Memorabilia

I wonder who the person was who coined the term Memorabilia. This one word evokes thoughts of things we enjoyed from our memories. Memories that will take you back to the past.

Bill and Peggy Napoli have spent a lifetime collecting, restoring, and displaying thousands of items of Memorabilia. People visiting the museum are amazed at this huge collection. This collection guarantees you will remember those bygone years, when gas station attendants filled your gas tank, washed your windows, and checked your oil. Rekindle memories of a real glass bottle of Coca-Cola for only a single nickel. When men were gentlemen and women were ladies.

As you walk through the museum, you will see for your enjoyment dozens of rare and unusual signs, both porcelain and tin, antique gas pumps of all shapes and sizes beautifully restored. An 8-foot by 16-foot Texaco gas station mural, oil cans, petroleum items, auto and motorcycle posters, pictures, toys, a wall full of antique speed equipment, antique guns, hit-and-miss motors, and much much more. There is beautifully hand painted artwork (The Gilmore Gas Pump and Air Pump are stunning), and there is much more by the renowned artist Anthony Angelo Napoli. If you Love Memorabilia, you will Love Motion Unlimited Museum’s collection.