Motion Unlimited Museum
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15 Bumpers
$40 to $100
We are cleaning out some of our storage sheds, and have 15 new and rechromed bumpers we are selling, we need the room. If you are looking for a new bumper or a rechromed bumper for your car, or pickup, check out this list. Prices are very reasonably priced, you could not get them chromed or even painted for this price. Shipping and packaging are extra, most of these bumpers will have to be shipped by truck. They are too large for UPS, and shipping on a freight line runs somewhere around $100.00 and up. Sometimes we can send a bumper with one of the truckers who haul cars for us, but it takes longer to get the bumper to you. You sure can come pick up the bumper of your choice. If you have any questions feel free to call and we can give you more information. 1967-1972 Bronco Front $80.00 ReChromed-- 1967 Buick Wildcat or LeSabre Rear ($100.00) ReChromed-- 1968 Chevy Car Front (Full Sized) $75.00 ReChromed-- 1969 Buick Front (SOLD)(Full Sized Huge) $100 ReChromed-- 1969-1970 Ford Galaxy Front $100.00 ReChromed-- 1971-1972 Mercury Rear (Full Sized) $75.00 ReChromed-- 1971-1973 Ford Mustang Rear $80.00 ReChromed-- 1971-1972 Mercury Monterey Front $80.00 ReChromed-- 1974-1978 Ford Car(Full Sized) Front $75.00 ReChromed-- 1980-1984 Buick Skylark Front $40.00 ReChromed-- We have a couple of Front Bumpers that are only marked GM they are probably in the late 60s to late 70s. One is NOS,the other is Rechromed $75.00 each. If you want to come take a look for yourself, you will need to make an appointment with Bill. Thank you for your interest and patience. These bumpers are now able to be shipped by FedEx Ground. We would have to get a rate to your area in the 48 states. If you want to buy all, some, or one, Give Bill a Call: Motion Unlimited Museum and Old Car Lot, Rapid City, South Dakota 605-348-7373.