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Vintage 1970s Never Worn Collectible Wolfschmidt Rain Slicker IN EXCELLENT CONDITION. Has hood, and snaps on the sides. (Only taken out of the package to take photos.) Acquired while on an European Motorcycle vacation. If you are a collector of unique alcohol items, this is a must for you. PRICED AT ONLY $7.00. Shipping is possible, but you would have to pay for shipping, $5.95 in lower 48 states. Call 605-605-348-7373. Here is some history About Wolfschmidt. Clearly, the house vodka at Blades is Wolfschmidt , which was a the supplier of vodka to the Russian Czars. Wolfschmidt vodka was introduced into the United States in 1847 and was subsequently one of the vodka brands cut off from home by the 1917 Revolution and the later fall of the Iron Curtain. Presently (2010) the Wolfschmidt vodka brand is owned by Jim Beam. Most vodka consumed in Russia prior to the Revolution was distilled in the Baltic States. In the 1880s over ninety percent of spirits imported into St. Petersburg were Baltic in origin, mostly Estonian. Hence the frequency of Estonian vodka brands. Only whiskey and wine are subjects worthy of connoisseurship. The spirits are largely mono planar, vodka particularly, all differing brands tasting the same. The flat, gasoline flavor of vodka lends itself well to spicing with strong colorful flavors like cherry, bison grass, strawberry, et cetera.