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We believe this is from a 1940 era Mercury or Ford. The metal casting on this fender trim piece is in good condition. The plastic insert is weathered but not broken. We have talked to people who just sand down the plastic, who knows it may work. There are some numbers cast in the underneath. The first number is 6A-16851 Then there is a symbol that we can figure out then the following numbers are 7638. Right by the end mount there are these numbers. 12-24. We believe that would indicate it was made December 24th. The length is 19 inches, and is about 1.75 inches wide, and 2.25 inches high. The price is ONLY $10.00 plus shipping costs. Shipping is available worldwide. You can call us at :Motion Unlimited Museum and Antique Car Lot 605-348-7373. We can correspond by email, but please be patient, as we do not check this email account too often. But if you are patient email us at: