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1946 Lube Chart
What a find we have discovered. This is one of those neat items the service station down the street had hanging in the service bay. This 1946 Phillips 66 Lubrication Guide covers all the American cars from 1938 to 1946. It tells everything about lubricating every possible place and when to do it. It is spiral bound, and has a neat wire hanger so you can hang it on the wall and keep the dirt off. It does show some wear and has a little grease smudges, but it is still easy to read and will give you lots of enjoyment. We have been uncovering some more neat items in our huge collection of manuals etc. and this is just one of those must have for your collection. Tell momma you want this for Christmas. Priced at $70.00 plus $6.00 postage in the U.S. Shipping is available Worldwide. Call: Motion Unlimited Museum, Rapid City, South Dakota 605-348-7373 for more information.