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1915 Book $150
Well we have decided to start downsizing our vast library of books. This book has been in the family for nearly 40 years. We have looked for Book Number 1 and now decided to gave up on that idea and sell the 2nd book. This is one of the neatest books we have ever seen. This book is titled, The Boy Mechanic, 1000 Things For Boys To Do. Printed by Popular Mechanics Press, Chicago. This book has a hardback cover that is in very good condition, with just a little wear on the corners, and the gold leaf is faded on the letters. The pages inside are in excellent condition. There are 995 illustrations,473 pages, and the Copyright Date is 1915. This book was written by H.H. Windsor. We have enjoyed this book, but have decided it is time for it to go to your library. We paid a lot for this book 40 years ago, hoping we could find the First book. No we are not looking for the First Book anymore. The price is ONLY $150.00 plus shipping of $5.00, that is in the USA. Can be shipped world wide. Call: Motion Unlimited Museum 605-348-7373 for more information.