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$80 for set
Well for those Ford Memorabilia Collectors, Check Out These Rare Items! Here is the 1969 and 1970 Ford Motor Company dealer training sets that was used to train the personnel on how to explain why you should only use Ford mechanics and Ford Products. The 1969 set consists of 8 8 mm film sets in their own little containers, with 7 vinyl records for the audio part. The film strips and corresponding record are as follows: 1. Ford Motor Company Presents. 2.1969 Warranty Administration Department. 3. Piston Ring Problems, Diagnosis and Installation Course 6010. 4. Servicing Rear Axles Course 4002 2 record set. 5. Shock Truths, comes with a small paper booklet. 6. Autolite-Ford Parts Division Presents Satisfaction Guaranteed. We do have the film strips for Wheel Alignment and Balance, and Put New Car Feeling into Used Car Selling, but not the records. There are some other items in the box that will come with this set, a letter dated October 22, 1968 from R.J. Laible, Service Training Department of the Dearborn Michigan office, 3 flyers for a Christmas gift to Your Customers advertising 100 Wax-Treated Dusting Cloths, a Rotunda Service Equipment Information Briefs flyer, a sheet with Ford Marketing Material for Service Operations, The Booklet about Shock Truths, and a large self addressed envelope to Ford Registered Technician Hdqts. The 1970 set is complete with all 8 film strips and 8 records, with a 8.5 by 11 inch sheet on how to: Train, Promote, Sell New Autolite Batteries for dealers.The Film strips 8mm and corresponding record are as follows: 1. You are The Master 2. Claudia Gets The Word. 3. Silence Is Golden 4.Signs Of Our Times. 5. Prescribe A Transplant. 6. More For The Money Rubber Goods Line. 7. Specify Car Lite. 8. The Critical Parts Expediter. The price for both sets is $80.00 plus shipping, or if you want just one set the price is $50.00 per box,plus shipping. Can be shipped world wide. Call: Motion Unlimited Museum, Rapid City, South Dakota 605-348-7373 for more information