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1948 - Chevrolet - Fleetline 4 Door
Cheap Project!
4 Door Sedan
Status: For Sale
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New Listing! These are the only photos we have right now. Will try to add some more soon. 1948 Chevy RARE! (German Helmet Model) 4 Door Fleetline. This is a rolling body only. Not a big rust bucket, but does have some rust. Missing engine and transmission and the seats. So, it is the perfect car for you to build just the way you want. Comes with a Clear Title, and Shipping Is Available. Inventory Reduction! Cheap Project Car! Will come with different wheels and tires than what you see in these photos. It will be a roller. PRICED LOW, WE NEED THE ROOM, ONLY $1,200. AND YES YOU GET A TITLE. We go through a lot of work to get titles for our vehicles. This saves you Time and Money in your state. Just another nice service we offer our great customers. Also, we do not charge you for a title fee either. The Price is ONLY! $1,200. For more info, call Bill at Motion Unlimited Museum and Old Car Lot, Rapid City, South Dakota, 605-348-7373.