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1956 - Pontiac - 9 Pass Wagon
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Station Wagon
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To See More Photos Of This Vehicle. Just Click On The Link Above That Says: ALSO VISIT. Rare! 1956 Pontiac 9 passenger station wagon. Car Will need to be restored. Here is a really cool car, and a great project. The Standard Catalog of American Cars shows only 12,702 were built. This 122 inch wheel based wagon is about 90 percent complete. The engine compartment has the big Pontiac V8, that is nearly complete, except for the fan belt and battery. The motor does turn, and is supposed to run. We have not had the car running. Also has the original automatic transmission. Interior is missing the front seat, orig. steering wheel, radio, and the rear 3rd seat is missing the cushions. The rest of the interior is there, but needs to be restored. Windshield is cracked, and half the rest of the glass needs to be replaced. One rear curved glass in the back is cracked, glass is the same as a Chevy. All interior window moldings are there. The sheet metal on this car is very good. There is some rust out in the front floors and minor rust out in the rocker panels. But it is a very solid car, and is straight. One of the rear tail lights has a 1955 Chevy tail light assembly, which looks pretty neat. Has the bumpers, decent, but do need to be rechromed, and probably have some dings too. The tailgate does open, and is not rusty. Spare tire compartment is good too. You get the Pontiac rim, not a 56, but will fit the car. Hood is good, as is the roof and drip rails. The price on this car is just $2,995. Yes you will get a clear South Dakota title. Shipping is available worldwide. NOTE: THE WHEELS AND TIRES YOU SEE IN THE PHOTOS DO NOT COME WITH THIS CAR. WE WILL PUT SOME DIFFERENT WHEELS AND TIRES ON THE CAR SO IT WILL BE A ROLLER. If you have any questions, give Bill a Call at Motion Unlimited Old Car Lot and Museum, Rapid City, South Dakota. 605-348-7373.